The best consumer protection is self-defense.

Our mission is building awareness and streamlining access to knowledge to empower consumers to be active and responsible stewards of the public interest.  

"Makes yourselves sheep and the wolves will eat you"

- Benjamin Franklin

About the Alliance

Self-defense starts with awareness and knowledge.  

The Responsible Consumers Alliance (ReCon) is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that promotes a framework of public awareness, access to knowledge, and effective engagement as best practices for consumers to be active and responsible stewards of the public interest. ReCon pursues its mission with a platform of research and educational initiatives that builds awareness, streamlines access to knowledge, and encourages engagement on issues impacting the public interest.  

ReCon's goal is to be a trusted resource providing authoritative information, high-quality analysis and pragmatic recommendations to consumers, public policymakers and business leaders around the globe.  To support this goal, ReCon adheres to a high standard of research integrity with an internal code of ethics grounded in analytical rigor, policy pragmatism, and independence from external direction or bias.   

"Problems cannot be solved with the same thinking that created them."

-Albert Einstein

The Internet: From Core to Edge

Domain Name System (DNS)


ReCon focuses on issues affecting consumers and the public interest at the Internet's core - which, despite having a public interest mandate, sometimes struggle to generate much public interest.  Yet, billions of dollars annually - and the future of the free and open Internet - hang in the balance.

Privacy and Cybersecurity


Privacy - a fundamental human right - is one of today's most controversial issues affecting the Internet's edge. This issue could potentially cause the splintering of the Internet between the free and open networks championed by the U.S. and the Chinese surveillance state.  



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